Best Laid Plans…

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I’d have my pattern for the Charm Dresses for Barbie available on Ravelry by the end of thacharm dress and mimit week (I think). Well, the friend who was testing the pattern came up with a variation on the bodice that I really liked, so we’ve been playing with it, only to discover that as cute as it looks it tends to curl up, and tacking it down doesn’t last too long.

We’re trying one or two other ways to do it, and should have it sorted it out in the next day or two.

During this process I took some pictures (I also learned that pictures of white dresses are a challenge for amateur photographers like me) and this one sort of tickled me. It reminds me of Lilleput or the Borrowers, to name a few favorite books from my childhood. Barbie doesn’t appear at all rattled by her imminent danger.

At any rate, I truly do hope to have this pattern available very soon. Not promising a date this time, but it’s so close…!


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