Tried & True

Just in time for Christmas —

Malabrigo slippers nbgI recently tried out another yarn, and wanted to show off the results. This is my slipper pattern, Kim’s Slippers, which is tried & true. I’ve made multiple pairs for myself and its namesake, my mom, as well as friends, and everyone has loved them.

I’ve also gotten great feedback from those who’ve purchased the pattern on Ravelry, including one group who’s now making the slippers for charity. Nothing could please me more when it comes to this pattern, unless it would be its initial success with my mom.

The new yarn I tried is Malabrigio Rios, a worsted weight, and as you can see, the look is entirely different than the country style the slippers have with the embroidery. This yarn wears well, but as always, a good part of the success of this pattern is the reinforced sole. Using the sock yarn triples the life of the slipper, if not more.

And in addition to how well it wears, Rios is a wonderfully comfortable merino wool that breathes yet keeps your feet warm on cold winter nights. However, even in warmer weather I’ve found them to be comfortable.

By the way, I have friends who wear these slippers with their boots. Now, I’ve made those pairs with less expensive yet equally comfortable yarn, such Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, which even though it doesn’t claim to be, I’ve found to be machine washable. Of course the Rios is also machine washable and would probably be great extra layer with boots.

red slippers 2aHere’s the original style slipper with the embroidery. This particular pair was made in the Spud & Chloe Worsted Weight, which knits up pretty tight and is toasty warm..

Kim’s Slippers pattern is available on Thank you for your interest!


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