Storytelling through Design

One of my favorite fellow knitters, Rita, uses her art & design training in the pieces she knits. She’s only been knitting for two or three years, yet the projects she’s designed are advanced beyond what you see in many magazines.

Rita's penguin outfit III thought my favorite was the little penguin-themed snow outfit she made for a friend’s baby until I saw her phenomenal fair-isle scarf. Each section has meaning for her. It may be the pattern, such as a symbol celebrating her daughter’s marriage, or the colors, personal choices that reflect moments in her life.

It’s knit entirely in sock yarn and took her some time to finish, in part because she had to research the designs, and in part because it was knit with such lightweight yarn & small needles. She took it section by section, never really knowing what she’d be doing a few rows down the line. It’s incredible.

The only “problem” with a project like that, to me, would be the fear of losing it.

Rita knit two hats last year with Blue Sky Alpaca, taking the same care in color and design choices she always does, and they were lost in the mail during the Christmas season. You so rarely hear of that these days. She had them tracked and insured, but it didn’t matter. They were lost.

That hasn’t stopped her, though. She continues to design and knit, every piece more stunning than the one before.

I can’t wait to see what she does next.


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