Beginning, End, and oh Yeah, the Middle

gloves no bkgdQuestion I can rarely answer: “How long did it take you to knit that?”

I have no idea. I don’t keep track.

I can say it’s not an even pace through the whole project.

Nothing I like more as a knitter than the beginning of a new project, especially one with a new technique or one I haven’t tried in awhile. Right now I’m going through a fair isle/stranded phase (I got over mosaic in one project), before this it was lace.

The start of a project is my most productive. I can get the entire back of a sweater done in one or two nights, but I’ll slow down substantially after that…substantially. If it’s something like a hat, I might complete it in one evening. The first one, that is, if I actually do knit the same pattern twice (I don’t often).

nordic hat 2
This hat took about 6 hours to complete, start to finish

The hat on the left I finished in one night. The second one, identical pattern and with yarn that was only slightly more difficult to work with, probably took me twice as long, but it seemed like so very much longer.


Mom's Nordic Hat no bkgd
This one took a 100 million years, or longer

So when people ask me how long it takes to knit a sweater, I truly have no idea. One section may take me ten to 20 hours, while another section the identical size could take two or three times as long, because I pick it up and put it down again. I get just a tiny bit bored with a project after that initial rush.

That’s why I’m not one of those knitters who always has two to five to twenty projects going at once. If I did, I would have fifty WIPs (or more) just crowding my way-too-small living space and wasting my time and energy.

Well, maybe two projects going at once. Never more than three, that’s a promise.

My projects have a purpose. I rarely have a deadline, because I don’t like the pressure, but there is a relatively immediate intent (before this newborn baby hits the age of three, for example).

While there’s nothing I like more than the beginning of a project, the finish is a pretty good feeling too.


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