Fingerless Gloves, or, love my cat and I’ll knit for you

To repay, at least in part, a friend who graciously made a 25-mile round trip each day for nine days to cat-sit for me last month, I came up with these fingerless gloves. It has a center twisted cable pattern with a bobble, and a small lace pattern on either side. The palm is a 2×2 rib, and the thumb is gusseted.

new fingerless glove

Actually, only one is pictured here, I forgot to take a picture of the two of them when I finished the pair. The yarn is simplinatural by HiKoo, a baby alpaca, fine merino & mulberry silk blend. It is all-around wonderful to work with and to wear, and has good stitch definition for a yarn that “fuzzy.”

I recognize that fingerless mitts are useless in northern states this time of year; they aren’t even always the best thing wear further south. Still, when it’s somewhere between “not too far below freezing” and “too cold to touch a bare steering wheel,” these are great.

I’m told some people like them because they can text while wearing them, and will substitute them for more sensible wear such as mittens and gloves even in frigid weather. Ha. That’s a poor reason to expose your hands to the elements. Those people must be young.

Maybe next time I need cat-sitting “Aunt Deb” will get some real gloves.


These are the two special kitties who needed care while I was gone to help my mom after surgery. “Aunt Deb” probably deserves a few more hand-knit items to truly compensate for their care. She refused to allow me to pay her anything, but let her try to refuse something I made especially for her!


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