Snoods for Kim

Working on some berets/snoods for a woman at church. She looks great in them and can’t find any around here. The ones she’s bought before support women in third-world countries, who make & sell them as part of a project to keep them from having to work in what are essentially slave mills. I don’t want to take anything away from those women, but my friend doesn’t have access to their berets right now, so I told her I’d see what I could come up with.

I’m using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, which is 80 cotton/20 merino wool, and I expect I’ll need to put some elastic around the headband. I’ll probably need to add a little band under the ribbing to hide the elastic.

I have an idea for another design, but I’m not sure how to keep the decreases looking neat, so I need to work with that.

snoodHere’s the first sample for her! Kim liked it, and is going to buy some yarn so I can make one in a color that will work for her. I made this one out of some yarn I had leftover from another project and the color wasn’t quite right, although it might work for me…not something I’ve worn before, but hey, life is about change, even small ones.

I have some “Bamboo Pop,” a 50 cotton/50 bamboo, that I think would be great for this project as well. I may try it next. I had to adjust the pattern and increase the number of pattern repeats from 13 to 16 to make up for the greater number of stitches per inch. I knit for six inches before beginning the decreases, and that would be minimum I’d recommend anyone knit.

The band was a simple 1×1 twisted st. rib. I crocheted two rows of single crochet on the inside so I could insert some elastic thread. Crocheting that band gave the ribbing a little more stability, which is especially needed because the snood is worn further back than a regular beret, yet also allowed for some give.

The pattern is “Gwen” (note my comment about adjustments for the finer yarn gauge I used) and is available for free on


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