Too Pretty to Remain a WIP

off white lace sock4I knit up this sock a few years back, and it’s one of the few projects I’ve started that is destined to forever remain a WIP. There once was that sweater I finally turned into a pillow, and used the leftover yarn for mittens…and a few other projects over the years have changed course once I got the yarn home. But by and large, I’ve finished what I’ve started, something my mom never would have predicted when I was a child.

So I pull this poor, pretty sock out in the hope that displaying it here will prompt me to actually start (and finish) the second one. It was a pain in the butt sock to knit and I couldn’t wait to finish it, and I have no desire to dip into that pool anytime soon. Still, I hate leaving things undone, and there’s not much use in my life for one sock.

So hopefully sometime soon you’ll see a sister post to this one showing a complete pair. This is too pretty to remain a WIP…


Image Credit: (background, leaves)© imagincy – Fotolia (background, pastels) © pixelproHD — Fotolia

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