Red and White Toque

Red ToqueI suppose you never can have too many hats…at least that’s my excuse for making so many. Also, they make great gifts, so having some handy when you need them is a good idea.

This one may not make it in the gift pile for two reasons: one, I didn’t realize the yarn I chose (Barisienne by Bergere de France) is an acrylic yarn, something I really don’t like to knit with, and two, I’d forgotten that somewhere along the line, and fairly recently, my dominant side with stranded knitting switched from my right to my left side, so the white doesn’t “pop” like I’d like it to.

Still, the shape of the hat is really cute, and the red is nice and bright. For that matter, the white is bright, too, making this a cheerful hat for a gloomy winter’s day. But acrylic…just not what I want to put my time into…not as warm. It will probably never wear out, however.

This might be a good charity hat. I believe in giving attractive hats, mittens and scarves to charity, and I’m being pretty picky about the dominant color thing. The hat is still good looking. I also believe in giving machine washable goods with charitable giving. Most of the people I’ve given to have few, if any, hand wash only garments, and would have no idea how to care for them, nor would they want the bother.

The only thing left is a little pompom for the top, if I can figure out how to make one without a pompom maker. I know it’s easy, I just haven’t done it before.


Background Image Credit: © Hasloo Group Production Studio — Fotolia

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