Red and White Toque Part 2

Well, the first attempt with this pattern (see my last post) was less than successful, and never one to stay away from a challenge, I tried again with different yarn. I also held the white yarn on my left side this time, since it appears that’s my dominant color side in stranded knitting these days. Somewhere along the line that switched…hmmm….

red and white toque woolAnyway, I used Cascade 220 Superwash (worsted weight) this time, with much better results. Still, there are other fair isle patterns I’ve made that are so much prettier. I had a post last December in which I compared different yarns I used for one pattern. Hopefully I got the image problems I was having before with that post corrected! If there are still problems, please let me know. I’m not sure I can correct them at this point, but I’ll try.

I went up a needle size because the pattern was pretty small — finished size of 18″ diameter, that’s small for an adult woman, — and lots of ladies in my family wear larger hat sizes.

I will add a pompom, I think. This hat really needs one. I’m not generally a pompom gal, but I think I’ll make an exception here.

I’m not sure if this will end up in the donate pile with the other one or not. It’s a very pretty hat, I’m happy with the results, it’s just that there are other hats I’ve made that I’m happier with. It would make a great “giving” hat. It’s machine washable, warm and pretty.

The pattern was in the Fall 2015 Vogue Knitting. It’s really easy, I mean really easy, one of the easiest fair isle patterns I’ve ever done.


Background Image Credit: © Hasloo Group Production Studio — Fotolia

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