Grey & White Nordic Hat

Decided it was time to knit a hat for my brother, but I’m not sure this will end up being it. Turned out a little slouchier than I anticipated, and I don’t think that’s his style. However, I think it looks kind of cute on me! It will find a home somewhere.

Grey & White Nordic HatI used Cascade 220 Superwash, and was really pleased with it for this project. After completing it, however, I’m thinking I maybe should have gone down a needle size. I used a size 8 needle, and a size 7 may have been better. Not a big deal. Certainly wouldn’t have been as slouchy, but I don’t think that was the determining factor there.

However, then it might just have been a big hat, without the style that comes with the slouch.

I did use a size 4 needle for the band, and I’m glad I did, since the rest of the hat is so big. It keeps it snug.

Grey & White Nordic Hat flatThis was a fairly easy stranded pattern, with very little to carry in the back (only one spot where you had to carry it over 7 stitches, so you’d want to catch it there to keep it from pulling). There were several rows of 1×1 colorwork, and that makes my wrist sore after a bit. The perils of an aging knitter, I suppose.

My brother has his annual ski trip to Jackson, Wyoming typically in January, and I’d love to surprise him with a hat for his next trip. I actually have no idea what his style for hats might be. Nordic? Cable? I may have to knit up a couple and ship them off to him in the fall so he can choose.

I’ll throw in one really silly choice just to test his reaction. Ha.

The pattern for this hat can be found on Ravelry (and it’s free!) under Reynald by Drops Design.


Background Image Credit: © Hasloo Group Production Studio — Fotolia

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