Potholders (my attempt at intarsia)

I’ve been knitting for 37 years now, and I still haven’t mastered intarsia. I can’t honestly say I’ve tried that hard, and my early attempts were with cotton (so unforgiving!) so I got discouraged and set it all aside for a long, long time.

PotholdersNow I’m ready to try again. I figure I’ll make potholders out of scrap wool yarn, felt them a little bit to compensate for some of my errors, and see how it goes.

My first attempts aren’t so bad. They’re about 8″x8″, made of worsted weight wool, and felted just a teeny bit. Next I’m moving on to a rose, I think. I have a pattern for one I like.

I sketched out this pattern on some knitting graph paper (always use knitting graph paper since the number of stitches per inch will rarely be the same at the number of rows!)

I wove the ends into the matching yarn, which made it a little lumpy until I felted it. Then you couldn’t tell the difference.

I’m not sure I’ll ever do this in a major project. I don’t have anything in mind. It’s just that I feel I should be able to master the skill by this time and I haven’t done so, and I’m up for a challenge, as small as it may be.

Look for the rose, hopefully coming soon!


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