My Favorite Gift to Give

Alec in sweater
Alec (a few years back!)

I love to knit sweaters for my friends’ babies, and over the years I’ve developed a particular fondness for this cable knit cardigan pattern. I generally make it in a size 3 (they’re likely to outgrow smaller sizes in faster time than it takes you to knit the sweater!) and a gender-neutral color so future siblings can wear it, although exceptions have been made. My friend Brianna’s little girl Lydia looked so much like a girl who “needed” to be wearing pink, I couldn’t resist making it in that color for her. (I’ve never seen a picture of her wearing it so I have no idea if my choice was right.)

Amelie & Alec2
Amelie & Alec

The pattern is from Double Knits by Zoë Moeller. I usually knit it in Rowan Wool Cotton, which wears so beautifully and seems to be just the right weight for active toddlers. Here you can see the same sweater first worn by my friend Melanie’s son Alec and now modeled by her adorable daughter Amelie (that’s Alec by her side).

As always, I only give hand-knitted sweaters to those I know will appreciate the work that went into making them and will care for them properly. Obviously Melanie is one of those people!

I’m inevitably told by the moms who get these sweaters that cardigans are the sweaters of choice (as opposed to pullovers). They’re much more practical and versatile.

Of course there are always reasons to make other sweaters, but the practicality of making a larger-size cardigan in a gender-neutral color for a first born baby is overwhelming, so I wanted to share these thoughts with my fellow knitters who may find themselves knitting for the expectant moms & dads in their lives (rather, you’re knitting for the baby, but the gift is for the parents, too).


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