Traditional Watch Cap

Last week I saw my brother for the first time in four years (yay!) and told him I’d like to make him a cap for his ski trips. His immediate response was, “you mean like a watch cap?,” so I knew what my project would look like.

Watch CapI got on and found this free pattern for a traditional watch cap. The pattern claims this cap has been made millions of times, as far back as WWII. It has a number of stitch variations, but I stuck with the basic 6×2 rib in the main section.

Of course calling that the “main section” is a little misleading since you knit six inches of 2×2 rib first, then go to only three inches of 6×2 ribbing. After that you decrease every round, which I think came to about 16 rounds. It took me two evenings to knit this up, and if I weren’t having so much pain in my hands these days it probably would have been quicker.

I used Rowan Pure Wool Worsted, which is a superwash that still has that traditional wool feel.

The pattern is well written, includes instructions for both circular/dpns & straight needles, and has stitch variations for the main section. It’s an ideal beginner cap. Not only is the pattern easy to learn, it’s a classic style that looks good on just about everyone.

With the ribbing the finished project looks pretty slim, but it stretches to fit.

So I guess the Nordic style cap I had in mind is out. Oh well. Give the gift they want, not the one you want, right? I may knit one up anyway and include it in the package. If he doesn’t like it, I trust him to find someone who will appreciate it.


Background Image Credit: © StriZh — Fotolia

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