Wingspan Shawl

I was asked to make this Wingspan Shawl as a sample for my local yarn store, and the finished result is a success! The variegated yarn adds some depth, and for those who favor this type of apparel, I think this pattern delivers.

Wingspan Shawl variationKnitting it was a pleasure. Now this was a variation on the original pattern and you have to download that e-book as well as the free pattern for the variation to get the full instructions. Frankly, these are not the best written patterns in either case, and it takes some sitting down to figure out what’s going on. I understand there are some videos on YouTube as well. Good luck with that!

The pattern wasn’t terribly clear about this, at least not for me, but it’s a six-row repeat for the lace pattern, with the yarn-overs being done on the fifth row. It’s done with a double yarn-over (two in a row), which makes for the bigger hole. Not as difficult as it sounds. When you knit the next row, you knit the first yarn-over and purl the second.

You always start out the yarn-over row with a Slip one stitch purlwise, knit two (K2). I believe the instructions for the second section leave out that K2, but it should be in there.

This shawl was knit with self-striping sock yarn, which turned out pretty fun. I’ve seen it done in variegated yarns of all kinds as well.

There are short rows, but because of all the yarn-overs, I didn’t wrap and turn, I just let the holes show. Surprisingly they don’t show that much. Oh well! I would have liked them to, actually.

You can find the patterns on Ravelry. Look up Wingspan and Wingspan Variation.


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