Malabrigo Shawl

I’d planned to wait until I finished this shawl to post about it, but I’m so excited about it I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s the same pattern I used for the lace shawl I completed last month, but the look with the Malabrigo Rios yarn is completely different.

Malabrigo shawl closeup2

The pattern is Greystone Harbor Shawl from the Spring/Summer 2016 Vogue Knitting. It’s not a beginner pattern, but not difficult. A fun challenge. There is a repeat of the same chart eleven times, so you get to know the pattern well by the time you’re done. Still, you do need to pay attention as you’re knitting. It’s beautifully designed; kudos to designer Rosemary (Romi) Hill.

The yarn is subtly shaded, but not variegated, which gives it depth but all the advantages of a solid color. It’s a merino superwash and wonderful to work with. I also think it shows off this pattern beautifully! While I was pleased with the finished result of my last Greystone Harbor shawl, I’m thrilled with how this is turning out.

I haven’t been a shawl person in the past, but this pattern has changed my mind. The completed project will be approximately the size the pattern calls for, about 63″ across the top.

One of the wonderful things about this pattern is the ability to shorten or lengthen simply by decreasing or increasing the number of repeats of the second chart. So if you’re petite, you may find you want it a little smaller. That same sort of change can be made to accommodate different weights of yarn, and it won’t negatively affect the look.

That top, by the way, is knit in, no extra finishing required. Yay!


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