Pretty Pansy Pillowcases

I’ve taken a break from knitting while my thumb heals –apparently the way I held my knitting needles caused tendonitis — and I’ve been doing a little more embroidery. As I promised myself, a pair of pillowcases was next.

I found an iron-on pattern with pansies, one of my favorite flowers. To pick out the right colors I researched the real thing, and found colors I was able to mimic in my embroidery. The purple on the left-most flower isn’t quite as dark as the real thing, but I couldn’t find any thread that deep of purple.

I used mostly a chain stitch and satin stitch. I haven’t embroidered in a long time, so the second pillowcase was a definite improvement over the first, although I was happy with the results on both pieces.

The second pillowcase.

Growing up we always had pansies in the yard. They are such a cheerful flower to me, colorful and bright, as well as plentiful. On top of all of that, they have staying power.

One thing I regret about this project was I didn’t use pillowcases with a higher thread count. These are only 300 count, pretty lightweight, and I think in the future I’ll look for pillowcases with at least a 600 count. With all the time that goes into this work, quality products are key.

Of course these will be primarily decorative, so there won’t be a lot of wear on them. Hopefully they last a good long time.

For however long they hold up, they’ll make me smile.


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