Green Lace Scarf

Another project for my local yarn store, and this one is quite feminine, very pretty. I can see it being used with something a little dressier or, if you prefer,  a fairly casual outfit. As an accent piece, it would be perfect with either.


The pattern is “Brickless” by Strickmich! and is available on While it was intended for a heavy worsted weight yarn, I made it here in a fingering weight, “Stunning Singles” by Apothefaery Fabrications. It’s a 70% merino wool/30% silk blend. There’s no color name listed on the label, although the number “33” is hand-written in very small print on one side, so I’m assuming that’s the color number. It’s handpainted, so there’s no dye lot, and I’m not sure if they repeat colors.

I used most of the 438 yards of one skein of this yarn, and I’d say it’s just about the right length to wrap around stylishly.

This was a fairly easy pattern to follow. Half of it, if not a little more, is either garter stitch or a 1 x 1 rib. The rest is the most basic of lace patterns, just yarn over, knit two together. You’re increasing one stitch on every row, then binding off half of what you’ve increased at the end of each section.


Gauge is hardly important. Like many shawls or scarves of this type of design, you can stop when it gets to the right size for you. The key would be getting enough yarn to finish the project. With the yarn the pattern calls for (as I mentioned before, a heavy worsted weight), you’ll need 580 yards, but I believe it finishes up to be a shawl and not a scarf as I have here.


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