Hummingbirds in the Kitchen

I am not an expert at embroidery, in fact, I’m every bit the novice. I see some of the other posts in this category, and I’m in awe. However, I’m still pleased with the work I do, and I enjoy having these pieces in my home.

This post is to show you that you don’t have to be an expert to show off your work.


I made these kitchen towels for my mom, who loves hummingbirds. I looked up pictures of the real thing and admittedly took some liberties with the coloring, but no two birds are alike, right?

As with my other embroidery work, I used some iron-on designs. A word of “warning” (actually, it’s just the opposite): the package tells you that on most fabrics, the designs won’t wash out. I’ve found on 100% cotton it always washes out. I make no guarantees for your projects. I’m simply sharing my experience.

I’m learning something new with every project. This is one of my favorites.


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