November 2014 family gathering 5x7I’ve been knitting for more than 38 years, and loving every minute of it. I’m always working on something new. Fortunately or unfortunately, my home is too small to house too many unfinished projects, so I have very few WIPs (works in progress). Once I get started on something, I’m committed to finishing it before I start another project.

Well, I admit I’ll sometimes have two or even three things going at the same time, but that drives me crazy, so I’ll sit down and get everything done before I dare start anything new!

I’ve always done a little of my own designing, but rarely wrote any patterns down. Usually it was something for my niece or nephew, a one-time project especially for them. In the past few years I’ve started writing out some of my simpler designs and selling them on Ravelry.

I confess, I don’t do a lot of marketing of these designs. It’s all for fun. Any profit I make is matched and goes to a local woman’s shelter.

I love to write, and I have two other blogs, My World With Words, a general writing blog, as well as a blog for classic movies, Classic for a Reason. I invite you to visit either or both of them!

Thank you for taking the time to read any part of this or my other blogs.

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