A Word from Walter

20150821_203241_burst08I just got in trouble for messing with my mom’s very expensive yarn. She told me to sit in a corner and think about what I’ve done.

Actually I didn’t really get in trouble. She just looked really sad and told me she’d saved for a long time to buy that yarn and now she didn’t know if she had enough to make what she wanted to make.

I sat in her lap for a while and she told me it was okay because she knew I was a cat, but asked how I found that yarn. She thought she’d hidden it from me really well. I don’t think I’ll tell her because my deviousness might make her mad, but she should know it smelled like catnip.

Fortunately I’m really snuggly so I get away with a lot.


Image Credit: Cat and Yarn drawing © Kamaga — Fotolia

Crazy Socks for Cold Winter Days!

noro-socksWhen I was in junior high, I was the first in my class to buy toe socks. I guess my wacky sense of style goes back aways, and these socks, while they don’t have individual toes, are reminiscent of that beloved pair from my youth.

But you need something to make you laugh when temperatures drop into the negative single digits, don’t you? And these socks, which felted a little when I washed them, are perfect for wearing with boots on those miserable days.

The yarn is Noro Kureyon Sock and I believe the colorway is Multi, but if you look at stash pictures on Ravelry that colorway varies considerably from one owner to the other. It was relatively easy to work with, but hand wash it! I still don’t understand this tendency to make hand wash-only sock yarn — it seems akin to making scratchy shetland baby yarn, totally inappropriate for the intended product. Anyway, I mistakenly machine washed it (fortunately, didn’t machine dry it) and it felted somewhat.

Of course for dead of winter socks you may want to knit the socks a little bigger and deliberately felt them.

I made this with my own pattern of a 2×2 rib, top down, with a standard turned heel. I’m sorry I don’t have the pattern available, but I promise you there is one out there that would work just as well, if not better, than mine.

I generally like to think of myself as a sophisticated, stylish dresser (oh, who am I kidding?), but we all need our secret crazy, wacky pieces of clothing. If no one else sees them, maybe that’s just as well. But it’s the kind of secret that will keep you just a little warmer on a cold winter’s day.


Too Pretty to Remain a WIP

off white lace sock4I knit up this sock a few years back, and it’s one of the few projects I’ve started that is destined to forever remain a WIP. There once was that sweater I finally turned into a pillow, and used the leftover yarn for mittens…and a few other projects over the years have changed course once I got the yarn home. But by and large, I’ve finished what I’ve started, something my mom never would have predicted when I was a child.

So I pull this poor, pretty sock out in the hope that displaying it here will prompt me to actually start (and finish) the second one. It was a pain in the butt sock to knit and I couldn’t wait to finish it, and I have no desire to dip into that pool anytime soon. Still, I hate leaving things undone, and there’s not much use in my life for one sock.

So hopefully sometime soon you’ll see a sister post to this one showing a complete pair. This is too pretty to remain a WIP…


Image Credit: (background, leaves)© imagincy – Fotolia (background, pastels) © pixelproHD — Fotolia